The Fish Counter

Hi everyone.

Recently I have been working with a newly opened fish shop on Main St here in Vancouver. The Fish Counter is part fishmonger part fish and chip shop. It is a setup that I have not seen before but it has quickly become one of my favourite places to eat and buy fish.

What makes them so good is their focus on incredibly fresh and sustainable produce. Honestly I have never been a big fan of fish and chips. I always found it to be too greasy, heavy and often pretty bland in flavour. The fish and chips you get at the fish counter is in a whole new ball park and here’s why.

The fish – it’s fresh and full of flavour, delicate and delicious.

The batter – extremely light and crispy and it doesn’t hold onto grease like so many others do

The slaw –  Its seasoned perfectly and goes so well with the fish helping keep the dish light. In terms of appearance this also helps to avoid the sea of beige which is so common.

The tartar sauce – This is where the magic happens, I’m not sure how Chef Rob Clarke does it but its simply fabulous. It adds a nice rich yet refreshing tang to the dish.

The chips – Rustic, skins still on, perfect size, crispy and great flavour.

The Fish Counter do not just offer fish and chips. Other options include the oyster po boy, their fish tacos, a selection of soups and chowders. The last time I was there they had a special of mussels and chips!

Turning your attention to the other side of the shop you find the fish counter its self filled with fresh and delicious seafood.

I highly recommend a visit, pickup some fish and chips for lunch and take something home to cook for dinner.

Photography wise, I tried to keep things natural. I wanted the images to accurately represent what you get when you go there. All natural lighting, no flash. All shot on my 5D MK II with a selection of lenses. Typically my 50mm and 55mm macro.

Check out the fish counter’s website and my own to see some more images and to learn more:

Charles Thompson Photography 2014

Charles Thompson Photography 2014

Charles Thompson Photography 2014

Charles Thompson Photography 2014

Charles Thompson Photography 2014

Charles Thompson Photography 2014

Charles Thompson Photography 2014

Copyright Charles Thompson Photography 2014

Copyright Charles Thompson Photography 2014

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Festive Hugs!

Vancouver can be a very expensive city.

It’s not often you get something for free.

Then along came Helen, Laurel and Alana. Free hugs in Vancouver on Broadway and Granville

Free hugs in Vancouver on Broadway and Granville

Happy Holidays.

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Corona films go live!

Hey everyone.

The films from my trip into northern BC and the Northwest Territories have recently been published on Corona Canada’s YouTube Channel. Its great to see the footage edited together and I think the editors did an excellent job.

Im sure there will be more to come, a TV commercial should be on the way soon but for now I leave you with this:

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Living Mas Fina – Working with Corona, MSN Travel and OneSum Communications

So remember how I said that I was going to try and blog every day of my trip? Well it so happend that the trip proved to be much busier and more personally challenging than I had anticipated.

Flying into yellowknife on day one I experienced probably the worst pain I have ever endured. Toothache on a monumental scale. Standard painkillers had no effect at all, I was in constant agony for around two one hour periods. The pain only subsided when I landed due to the change in altitude. During the first stopover in Edmonton I was able to call a dentist in Yellowknife and arrange to go and see someone to find out what was wrong.

Turned out I needed a root canal (no surprises there). Fortunately I was able to get the procedure done over the 2 days I was staying in yellowknife. I was also given some stronger pain killers and put on a high dose of antibiotics to clear up the infection raging inside my tooth.

Despite the tooth drama I was still in good enough shape to work most of the time even though the antibiotics made me feel fairly nauseous at first.

Our first stop on this trip was Becks Kennels where our Corona ambassador/competition winner was to experience husky dog sledding. We were there to capture the location and film the sledding experience. Unfortunately my first dental appointment was looming so I had to leave before the sledding actually began however I was able to shoot the setup on the FS700 and capture some great 240fps slow motion of the dogs getting ready. We also attached a GoPro to the lead husky facing backwards to get a shot of the rest of the pack.

The kennels were also home to a large number of only two week old puppies who were all insanely cute!

After getting my tooth drilled and taking a load more antibiotics and T3’s I caught up with the team at the dancing moose cafe, walking about 2.5k through yellowknife allowed me to get some shots of the local scenery.

After lunch, Corona ambassador, Nick took part in a glass making experience at The Old Town Glassworks where I filmed a selection of processes from washing to grinding to sandblasting in glorious slow motion. Once wrapped there we headed to a view point looking over Yellowknife to capture the sunset and to shoot more b-roll. We shot lots of footage here using the black magic cinema camera. One amazing gadget we had with us was the metabones speed booster which truly makes this camera shine. allowing us to shoot wider angels and make our lenses a whole stop faster. All my f1.4 lenses became f1.2 when used with the speed booster.

By this point in the day my antibiotics were stating to make me feel a little under the weather. Our next port of call was a bus out to the yellowknife aurora experience where the team would experience the northern lights. I was able to experince them myself but in a way I did not expect. On the drive there I had to get the bus to pull over so I could throw up under the most awesome sky full of stars and aurora trails I have ever seen. Needless to say I was on the next bus back to the hotel to get some rest.

The next day I was up earlier than the rest of the crew for an early morning appointment with the dentist for stage 2 of root canal. Right after that I was in a cab to the airport to catch a flight further north to fort simpson where Nick and the rest of the team would experience flying in light aircraft and floatplanes to Nahanni National Park and the Virginia Falls.

Unfortunately I was unable to fly in the light aircraft due to the pain I would experience once at altitude so I focused on all the ground based shooting.  I would have loved to see and film the falls but there was no way I could stay in an aircraft for 4 hours in that much pain!

So after spending most of my evening sleeping off the effects of all the drugs I was taking we actually ended up back in yellowknife for a couple of hours to catch a flight out to Victoria. Perfect opportunity to pop in on my dentist and beg for stronger pain killers. He prescribed me some Oxy-codone which felt significantly stronger. Taking 2 tablets before getting on my next flight did the trick and reduced the pain to a more bearable level. I made it to Victoria!

The plane we flew on from Fort Simpson back to Yellowknife was a beautiful machine and also the first aircraft I have thrown up on. Fun times.

Leaving Yellowknife again for the 2nd time we flew to Victoria, picked up 2 rental vans and drove to Qualicum Beach and home of the Free Sprit Spheres where Nick and his friend Tristan would stay for the night.

The next day we returned from our hotel to shoot the sun coming up and to get some more daylight coverage of the Free Sprit Spheres as our last visit was in darkness. We then began a long drive to Port Hardy where we boarded a boat to take us to Nimmo Bay which would turn out to be the highlight of the trip.

Nimmo Bay left me speechless. I find it hard to describe its incredible and majestic beauty. The resort can only be reached either by boat or by helicopter. The hospital is 48km away so we were to be extra careful, needing a trip to the ER at night is not an option. Amazingly they somehow found someway of having an internet connection albeit with very limited bandwidth. We were under strict instructions, no uploading of any kind and nothing more than basic email and web browsing.

The next morning I was awoken by the sound of helicopters landing just meters from the front of my cabin. I rushed outside and managed to grab a shot of one of them land right in front of me.

Helicopters really are awesome machines. You really have to stand next to one as it lands to fully appreciate the incredible power they have. For the remainder of the day these helicopters would end up feeling much like our cars as we used them to ferry the crew from location to location.

The helicopters first flew us up onto a viewpoint over looking a glacier where we filmed Nick and Tristan hiking through deep snow to reach the cliffs edge over looking a spectacular view. We spent a good couple of hours filming and taking in the scenery before 2 of the 3 helicopters took off leaving Nick, Tristan and myself on the ground so that Ariel could capture some ariel shots of Nick and Tristan standing on the edge.

After leaving the glacier we were taken to a spot at the base of the mountain close to some waterfalls and a lake to shoot some scenic hiking shots. I was shooting on the EF mount Black Magic Cinema Camera and my 70-200mm lens. Really great experience to be shooting 2.5k RAW in such awesome surroundings.

Before heading home we flew down into a river for our heli fishing experience. I was outfitted with waders so I would be able to stand in the water with Nick and Tristan and capture the fishing on two GoPro cameras and the black magic. We lliturally landed on a little island in the middle of a fast glacier fed river. The next picture really shows how tiny our landing site was.

After about an hour of fishing and filming it was time to head home as light was fading and the Helicopters cannot fly at night. This was the last day on the trip and we rounded it off with a fantastic dinner and wrap party back at Nimmo Bay. The next morning we all flew back to Port Hardy to catch our flights home.

Despite all the tooth trouble and sickness this week was still a massive career highlight for me. Everyone on the trip was great company and we all thought Nick could not have been a more deserving winner of this competition, he and Tristan were always great to have around and lots of fun to work with. Im going to wrap this up now with a few shots from the last day and trip home. If I ever make it big in this industry I will be returning to Nimmo Bay for a holiday of my own.

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Northern Adventure

Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a production company who are going to be out shooting outdoor adventures in the Northwest Territories and Northern British Colombia. I have been fortunate enough to have been selected as one of their camera operators for the job. So here I am, sitting in my room at The Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife waiting for the remainder of the crew to arrive.

Today is just a travel day, no shooting involved just final pre-production and I am sure lots of equipment checks. For those of you that want to know we will be shooting on 2 black magic cinema cameras, 1 sony FS700 for slow-motion and a bunch of GoPro Hero 3’s All very exciting stuff. I will try and post photos of our gear as much as I can.

Arriving in yellowknife was a somewhat new experience. The airport is tiny compared to what I am used to. As the flight was domestic there was no security, immigration or customs people to see, I literally got off the plane, waked 10 meters into the terminal and a further 10 meters in front of me was the main exit out to a row of waiting taxis! It felt more like a bus station than an airport. I wish it was that easy leaving LHR.

I will leave you with this quick iPhone photo of one of yellowknife’s canine residents.

Tomorrow be prepared for huskies and the Northern Lights!

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Shooting Gymnastics on Stand-Up Paddleboards

The weather in Vancouver this summer has been nothing short of FANTASTIC! Fall is now here and so is the rain that everyone has been warning me about. I have had a crazy busy summer with little time to actually work on any personal projects. In my spare time  I did manage to get out paddleboarding or kayaking in english bay. On one occasion I took my camera and 70-200mm f2.8 in a kayak while two friends of mine practiced gymnastics on paddleboards.

It was tricky shooting them from a moving and slightly unstable platform but I managed to get a number of shots I am happy with. All the post work was done in Aperture.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with the VSCO film effects for Aperture and have been getting mixed results. I love the look of film but at the same time I don’t want the photos to look like they came from instagram. (As much as I love instagram, I feel like it has its place and is best for casual photos)

I hope you like the photos, and a big thank you to Karina and Coral for being such fun to work with.

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Support me at RAW Artists Vancouver

On the 23rd of August I will be screening a film I was DOP on back in London. The screening is part of a larger event where local artists from the greater Vancouver area get together to exhibit their works.

I am really proud to be a part of this event having only recently made the trip across the pond from England.

As with all the artists I am responsible for selling a number of tickets to ensure decent crowd at the event. I have so far sold a few tickets but I still need to sell lots more and time is running out. I have until the 20th to fill my quota.

Please come and support me at RAW Artists. You will experience something truly different.

Tickets are $15 and are available here

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Standup Paddle Boarding in English Bay

Recently I have been getting into Standup Paddle Boarding. Its basically where you stand on a surfboard and paddle it around like a canoe. Lots of fun. I took my friends out into english bay and strapped my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition to the front of my board. We had more fun than any serious paddling. Hopefully I will soon be out on the water again to do some more filming.


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Kris & Miki's Slideshow

Today I was able to show Kris and Miki some photos from their big day set to music which featured at the wedding. More images coming soon but for now enjoy the slideshow below.


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Kris & Miki – A Quick Peek

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of two great friends, Kris and Miki. They were married at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club which provided a spectacular backdrop to a wonderful day.

Such a lovely couple and I wish them every happiness for their life ahead.

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